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Pure Packaging

Pure Packaging

In the age of consciousness, it is vastly important that we take the earth in to the utmost consideration throughout our business practices. Over the last two years we have been working on creating packaging that combines style and sustainability. Operating any business at this current time in our human evolution requires an alternative subset of morals and ethics outside of the corporate carelessness and propaganda. For Quartz & Canary we have adapted the philosophy that we can enjoy this human experience while actively supporting our global growth in more ways than one. Many of these resources we as conscious creators have are limited and often out of financial range for small businesses. It is without a doubt a small mountain to climb on the route to sustainability. Some achieve this instantaneously others do so over a period of time.


QC's 3 Promises

Our brand offers three promises to each one of its customers: quality, information and community. We stand behind creating quality products and procedures that not only offer the best experience but support the collective consciousness of our planet. We strive to offer the highest level of information available to our community via our digital media and through spoken or written word. We lastly seek to foster a community where our clients can absolutely feel staff to learn and grow with us. With the above being said – part of our quality promise is to ensure we offer shipping and packaging solutions that align with loving mother earth to the best of our abilities. After tireless development with respect to style and sustainability we have now reached a point where our gift packaging and shipping products are 95% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.


The Reveal of Our New Packaging

It is our goal to unveil our beautiful new packaging in April of 2021. We are on the horizon of completion. In the mean time we have already begun to use our mailers and shipping boxes which are absolutely biodegradable and recyclable. We have recently discovered The Better Packaging Company who has provided the online industry with compostable products, fabricated largely out of corn based products. We are outwardly excited that we are moving in this direction and also seeing a global change. With recent shifts to online purchases we have forgone the plastic bags to plastic mailers. It is important for us to shift against the traditional and cheap modes of shipping goods to our customers and revolutionize what we can! It is with great joy that we’ve already made this shift. Our coveted Q&C family can now expect all shipping containers to be completely sustainable.

Our new gift packaging and un-boxing experience is going to be something from the cosmos. We’ve taken our metal forward style and combine it with clean lines, matted finishes, clear logos and organic fibers. Our original velour dust covers will now be presented to you in a beautiful linen and cotton blend pouch. You can lovingly carry your crystals and jewelry in these protective pouches that are now made of environmentally sound fabrics. Our new boxes are fit for the finest perfumeries’ in Paris. Modeled after the luxury of what essence an unique scent can offer an individual – we’ve taken how we pack your jewelry to the next level. The elegant positioning of our logos, matted crisp finish and astonishing gilded lining will give you a glimpse into the energy and elevation of our product! Lastly, our gift bags (which we will only be offering if requested) are a sure way to carry all of your Q&C goodies comfortably. We’ve scaled up the size of the bag, continued our matted finish, and ensured the gilding didn’t stop in our boxes. Sometimes the best things come with the purest and most radiant inside! Isn’t it always about the inner you anyway?

Now that you know our packaging was inspired by inner work and outer style you can rest assured we’ve ensured that most of this packaging is biodegradable and absolutely recyclable. It has been two years of intensive design, countless samples and a lot of love that has gone into the final leg of our upgrade. We too as a company experience shifts in our own evolution. This last portion of our growth is a part of our upgrade. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best new school spiritual brand with elevated roots. Quartz & Canary is going to absolutely bring you the best in spiritual gear and crystaology. Yes, we said it – crystal-ology! April 2021 we will be unveiling our final packaging and the majority of our new collection! SURPRISE! We couldn’t be more excited. This collection is truly the place where organic tones and classic style meet to give you street wear with a purpose.


Working with Local Artists

If you haven’t noticed we’ve had a local artist paint our packaging until we roll out the new packaging available in April. We’ve asked artist and designer Angie Di Pucchio (@gieloves), to spread a little colour and fun amongst the house of Q&C! Every time you get a little splash of colour in the mail make sure to tag @quartzandcanary and @gieloves. We look forward to growing the fun and supporting the environment one step at the time.

Part of the proceeds of our painted packaging will be donated to @vibeartsto to continually support the arts in our city!


Sending love.


Andrea Di Paolo