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All Q&C products are ethically sourced; our gemstones are carefully selected by our jewelry experts. We maintain a widely Canadian based production with partnerships from India and Canada which maintain ethical facilities where employees earn a fair living wage and are also employed under safe working conditions. Being conscious with our production, we only order and produce what is needed to fill demands. Our production facilities work only with requests and ensure we do not waste any overage in materials. We often recycle our own material in house, reuse metals and repurpose any product where ever possible.


We use 100% recyclable paper; our shipping envelopes are 100% recyclable, and our shipping packaging also comes from responsibly managed sources and entirely biodegradable. Our Q&C jewelry and gemstone pouches are made from 100% cotton muslin which is biodegradable while maintaining a luxurious yet conscious experience for all! All of our luxuriously produced gold lined boxes and gift bags are entirely recyclable and nearly 100% biodegradable. Our commitment to reducing our footprint while offering an exceptional custom experience is our goal.


Quartz & Canary is aligned with many global issues and has created meaningful relationships and support with like-minded people, businesses and causes. We have worked with many local artists in attempt to create and curate as much as we can in Canada. With some areas of expertise needing outsourcing, we thoroughly investigate these relationships before proceeding. Our facilities and production widely supports small businesses here and overseas. Our casting and bench facilities in Montreal allow us to continuously employee Canadians. While our suppliers for gemstone specimens range from British Columbia to Montreal. Our facility in India allows us to gain access to aspect of production that gives us all components of creation while minimizing our carbon footprint. We work with ethical and conscious individuals who are also dedicated to the healing arts.
Our goal is to respect our planet and our processes to ensure we are effectively getting you gemstones, jewelry and wellness tool from the most conscious place. Our reuse of all materials and resources will continuously be a topic that we perfect year after year at Quartz & Canary.