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It has become her mission through her art to offer sacred amulets and pieces that supports each individual’s journey, uniquely.

Her desire for change is embedded in all aspect of the company from the sustainability, style, affordability, and energy each masterpiece offers. In 2020 a great shift occurred and Q&C was taken to new heights. House innovations and staples have been Andrea’s mission when developing a timeless collection. In 2021 and 2022 she was featured in Halle Berry’s : Respin for the top crystals selections for each year. With this continued success Andrea is dedicating herself to bringing this community of love and awareness to each doorstep globally. Her personal spiritual and life coaching practice has grown in the last two years tremendously. It is her privilege to open up the formal practice in May of 2022. She continues to lead her life by a phrase she often says: “without a passionate disposition for change, there is no progression.”

The name itself is representative of the company’s belief systems and principles they intend to offer to the masses. The company name originated from her experience in the healing and jewelry realm.

Quartz is a stone which in the spiritual realm is known to be a master healer. It is a stone that is not only used within watches to move the hands of time, but it can also be used to enhance the metaphysical properties and energy centres within the body. It is also the most commonly sourced stone in the world, centrally found in several areas of modern technology. It is known as the almighty amplifier. The Canary is forever known as the whistleblower, the energy of change that opens us to the gateway of truth. The canary was selected as a second part of our coveted name as it also represents the tale of the canary going into the coal mine- warning those who were working that the oxygen in the mine was low. It is also represents the amplified voice and version of you. Why is the canary’s song so popular and heard by many? Because it sings from its heart space and loudly to be heard by all! The brands origins come from one innovation, the Connected Q&C Bracelet. With over 100 variations, Andrea developed this bracelet with the intention of giving everyone an opportunity to find something that deeply resonated with them. It was about what amplified the person directly. Similar to the name, the combination of quartz and the animal totem of the canary offer an amplified and unique version of who you are. Having a customizable product is a large reason the company implores its clients to discover themselves through purchasing a healing stone that will help create, enhance or strengthen specific qualities within them throughout life’s journey. Quartz & Canary strives to offer a variety of gemstones and customizable designs to allow each individual’s personality and character to shine through. Andrea strives to produce unique and versatile designs for universal wear. Certain pieces are limited in quantity due to quality of product and rarity of stones. This brand has been established in the greater Toronto area and strongly supports local businesses and sourcing of each piece. Quality and longevity of product is paramount to the company’s essence. Andrea’s experience and careful eye to quality and details is evident in every piece.

Quartz & Canary offers three promises :


We stand behind creating quality products and procedures that not only offer the best experience but support the collective consciousness of our planet. Our products are largely made from semi precious and precious gemstones as well as precious metals. Sterling silver and gold filled products are offered to our community. We go over and above industry standards in teams of metal, gem and plating quality. Quality of our unique aesthetic is something we attempt to optimize annually.


We strive to offer the highest level of information available to our community via our digital media and through spoken or written word. Whether we provide product information, stone knowledge or a helpful word - high vibrational content is what we aim to provide.


We lastly seek to foster a community where our clients can absolutely feel safe to learn and grow with us. Our owner often hosts community lives on Instagram (Motivation Mondays live @ 8pm) and a spiritual space for those to express themselves or seek support. At Quartz & Canary we like to ensure that you feel right at home!
We at Quartz & Canary act as the yellow spirited messengers supporting those who need us most. We leave no one behind. On the animal totem, the canary, beckons energy of spiritual illumination, allowing for this new light and song to provide healing. Pushing the negative energy away as it sings, making way for a new positive foundation! Scientifically it has been indicated that when the canary sings, its mind visibly expands, enhancing its awareness and eliminating any distress. We at Quartz & Canary want to see you living your truth and sing your song!