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Motivation is the Movement

Motivation is the Movement

For decades our society was motivated by seemingly materialistic pursuits and instant gratification. Without a doubt, we are still in the midst of switching these thoughts & patterns but we are well on our way to understanding what is and will be the greatest shift of the millennium. It is undeniable that we are in the middle of what feels like mental warfare. It is our duty as the master of our mind and our own thoughts to foster a belief system within ourselves to create a healthier and more purposeful life. With the “self care trend” rising, Quartz & Canary is here to give you trend worthy information, without the frills. 

Consciousness is not a trend; it is a choice. On Monday’s we gather at 8pm on Instagram Live to curate a conversation that is steaming with motivation. In the process of self actualization or mindfulness it is vastly important to maintain steady momentum.  We are switching up the topics weekly and giving you tricks of the trade on how to make some waves and learn how to surf them! Our most recent conversations has covered the top habits for shifting your momentum. We have also covered how to rise to your own occasions and allow you to show up authentically. We are calling forward your best self with zero apologies attached!  It’s a combination of the trifecta that we are seeking to fine tune – the mind, the body, the soul.

Here are our four (4) best practices that are flexible for you to do, but yet filled with determination and can be extremely supportive actions that will surely create change on all avenues of your life!


1. How Your Rise Matters! 

The goal is to rise in the morning at an hour that is suitable to you and allows you to get the most of your day! We recommend waking up as early as possible. Again, this is extremely flexible and you should absolutely let your spirit and your mind guide you but rising up early enough to add a few self care accomplishments to the day can be mood changing and soul lifting. Giving your body a time frame to be up and at it as well as sleeping is vital to how you feel throughout your day. It also allows you to infuse more SELF time without distraction. This is key to accomplishing the basics to letting go of the old and bringing in the new.


2. Setting the Intention!

Having an intentional day is paramount to seeing major changes in mood and the energetic flow of how your 24hs will go! It is highly recommended to set an intention that comes from the heart in the AM hours and even in the PM hours before going to bed, it is like sending out sonar to the universe. What we emit - we attract! So this is a core way to shift your point of attraction and how you navigate experiences throughout your day. It also determines the health of your energetic state. Once your energy field knows what you have emitted, it allows you to stay centred and trust that what you asked for you shall receive. It can be as simple as you closing your eyes and breathing deeply while visualizing or verbalizing the intention! Try it twice a day. Once before bed and once in the morning before you even move! It’s a game changer. 


3. Tune into the Meditation Station!

This really is a must! Whether you can fit 5 or 10 minutes in daily, this practice mentally clears the way for you to be focused and clear for your day. It also is highly regenerative for the brain and supports mental clarity. There is no right and wrong way to practice anything, including mediation! How you choose to do it is entirely up to you. It is more definitely about quality over quantity with meditation; the more peaceful you are in the moment and wonderfully aligned the more you receive out of it. This is about fine tuning your brain waves and shifting your overwhelming thought process to be calm and cool for the day. You are absolutely on the right path once you’ve set your intentions and meditated for the day! 


4. Work that Body!

Physical exercise and the movement of your physical energy is extremely important. It chemically alters your mood, lifts stress, clears your mind, and most importantly – it makes you healthy! The vessel in which the soul is housed requires an excellent groundskeeper. There is absolutely no need for you to slow your roll when it comes to some sort of physical exercise daily. Movement supports your energy flowing correctly, it actually supports alignments from a spiritual perspective. Keeping the vessel clear allows your spirit and your physical energy levels to be elevated and ready for life. When people ask why you’re getting so physical, say: “I‘m training for life!” 


There’s a myriad of steps that we can add to this to fine tune your daily experience but let’s just start here. These four (4) steps will absolutely start the shift. The shift is truly about reaching higher places of alignment. When one is aligned beautiful things start to follow and experiences start to show up that create absolute magic! We are living in a space where energy free flows and everything we do for our experiences and with our physical selves emits a signal that is immediately responded to. This is what Motivation Mondays are all about, motivating you to emit a different signal! These are subtle shifts so that you can see the ripple effect of goodness come directly your way! Join us every Monday where our founder (@allloveandrea) will be discussing methods and motivational tools for us to take as our own and change our lives into a stronger and healthier YOU!