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How to Gift Good Vibes During the Holidays

How to Gift Good Vibes During the Holidays

It is without a doubt that this year needs as many good vibes as it can get! This holiday season we have hand selected the best stones and pieces for yourself or your loved ones. Giving something that is so sentimental and sacred forms a strong bond of love and unity. These holiday gifts are suited for anyone in your life. Optimize the energy of gift giving by offering someone something that is that much more meaningful in many ways. We offer customization, curated boxes of great energy and tailored jewelry for your bests! It is with great pleasure that we offer you the most divine selection in crystals and crafted quality jewelry.


1. When in Doubt, Clear Quartz!

It is the master healer stone and the first word in our company name for a reason. It is the most commonly used crystal within modern society and it’s energy has surpassed the spiritual. It has been used even in technology. Whether you select clear quartz points, a charmed orb bracelet or even a gentle drop of clear quartz goodness, this is one way to gift high level healing and amplifying energy to your loved one. It offers a connection to the wearer and the crystal itself adapts to that person’s energy. Ever heard of a crystal signature? No? Well thing one takes on your energy signature and provides exactly what you need. It balances and clears the chakras (energy centres in the body) and is best used during manifestation, meditation or self healing.

It’s the king of all quartz and the reason why we’ve included it in our crystal sets like: the king of quartz, the trifecta and the higher power sets! You won’t be disappointed! We also have our INU water bottles prefilled with clear quartz.


2. May the Jade Be With You!  

This is a stone with ancient lore and lovely energy. It is how we started off our collection and grew to absolutely love its offerings. It is truly the stone of 2020! Our coveted Jade Buddha has been an extraordinary blessed item where many have sought after its tranquil energy. We are feverishly working to get you your Buddha back and, with that being said, the natural jade Buddha is an offering of serenity and peace for those who align with the 8 fold path! It is said to be the dream stone and the stone that connects two worlds. It offers good fortune and luck like no other, drawing prosperity and abundance to you in every single way! Ironically, it also protects against illness and maintains health and fortitude within the person carrying it’s energy. Our other jade options include the petite evil eye bracelet, where you can source the energy of major protection with our Burmese jade stretch bracelet! This is absolutely giving a new meaning to being JADED!


3. Amethyst Me!

Given the state of the world and the less than tranquil energy of the times, Amethyst is absolutely needed in hoards! Over the holidays you are going to want to gift amethyst to those who require serenity, mental clarity and a reconnection to their faith! Have no fear Amethyst is here! It is a thought transformer that also protects in the process. Purple is the highest vibratory colour in the self care world, meaning that its energy ray is highly supportive to those who need it most. It will stimulate all the right mental faculties, allow for your own intuition to expand and for your mind to feel clear. “I can see clearly now the rain is gone!” That’s the song lyric that comes to mind when thinking about Amethyst! Q&C and Jimmy Cliff (kidding) think that amethyst is a great gift idea for lifting up someone you love. Whether you select a Q&C Connected Bracelet, the Orb Bracelet, our 2.0 Chakra Bracelet or a crystal we can assure you this will make just the right impact.


4. For the Love of Citrine!

We promise, we aren’t bias - It’s not because its borderline canary yellow or golden toned that we love citrine. It is truly a stone that is power packed with energy in all forms. Citrine offers you just enough energy of prosperity and mood lifting that you can’t help but feel just a bit better! What is most amazing about citrine is it is best known as the money stone, or stone of success and abundance. If you have a friend who is starting a new venture or is possibly down on their luck – pick citrine! Our Business or Calm set carries just the energy you need for citrine. We always say:  there’s no doom or gloom in the room when citrine is there. If you’re shopping for an individual point we have those too! As for jewelry you can find it in a few of our bracelet selections: the Connected, the Orb, the Chakra Bracelet, and the Abundance Ring.


5. The Eye of the Tiger!

Well if you haven’t guessed by now, were talking about tigers eye! It is a rustic and very real stone with a unique energy that is well suited for anyone to wear! You really can’t go wrong gifting tigers eye. It stabilizes the wearer and formulates the energy of balance. Similar to the stealth of big cat energy, it leans you towards a majestic and prosperous path. Like the regal feel of these animals, tiger’s eye will enhance someone’s integrity towards their choices and actions as well increases their energy towards what is being manifested in their life. One of our favourite attributes of TE is that is generally removes self doubt and supports the wearer in eliminating self criticism. Our top selections for getting some tigers eye in your life is: the Connected Bracelet, the Orb, the Pharaoh Collection, the Business set, the Prosperity and Protection set, or an individual crystal point itself.


These gift ideas are endless and we are always here for support! The best way to verify if what you are shopping for is exactly what you, or your loved one needs is through our stone legend. It outlines all of the beautiful energies each stone carries. At Quartz & Canary we value offering you tools of love and support for your individual journeys. We are now moving towards a new era and New Year! A fantastic way to honour this new chapter is with a gift that will support someone’s rise. Whether it be gifts for her, unique gifts for men, and even gifts for mom and dad, we are happy to provide you with gift wrapping (if requested) for any of the energy goodies you would like to offer to that special someone. We continually send you so much love and support for this beautiful season and wish you all many blessing and good tidings.


With Love,

The Quartz & Canary team