Stone Legend

Best utilized in life's lesson-learning phase, Snow Quartz, reduce limitations and overwhelming responsibilities that may prevent progression.  It aides in developing a tactful way to communicate in all circumstances.

Howlite is know as the stone of spiritual awareness. It is used for releasing attachments of any kind. It is truly a calming stone which allows for unwanted emotions to be released. It is excellent for creativity and self expression. A true Zen stone!

Let Grey Agate strengthen you, balance both yin and yang energy, as well as mind, body and soul.  It can help overcome bitterness or resentment and can be used for self analysis. 

CLEAR QUARTZ - All Chakras & The Crown Chakra 
Clear Quartz is a master healer. A universal stone for all types of healing, and an amplifier of all energy centers within the body. This stone is powerful in manifestation, healing, protection and beneficial during meditation. It is excellent for strengthening and balancing all body systems. 

MOONSTONE - Sacral Chakra
Moonstone is referred to as the stone of new beginnings, and is most commonly used for relief of emotional stress. It can also inherently balance the male and female energies within the body. Excellent for the female body, fertility, and reproductive cycle.

ROSE QUARTZ - Heart Chakra 
The love stone. Rose Quartz provides the wearer with the potential to accept and receive love in all ways. Expect an enhancement of self-esteem and self-love! A great stone to wear consistently to attract love.

Pink (morganite), blue (aquamarine), green (emerald), and pale yellow (heliodor) tones combine to give a power house of rare gems. The stones help shed overthinking, worry and draw your excellence and chosen path closer. Truly a potential manifestor, love maintainer, and perspective adjuster gem.

Rhodonite will surely start the healing process. Meant to expand the heart chakra and cleanse its energy, Rhodonite will assist in clearing emotional wounds. This stone truly promotes a balances approach especially in partnerships. Best used when emotionally healing or adjusting.

A Super-charged love stone, Kunzite aligns the heart, throat and third eye chakra. It provides aura protection, forms a protective layer, open's the heart centre, repairs heart ache and it prevents mood swings. Excellent for expanding or fine tuning your meditative practice. 

AMETHYST - Crown and Third Eye
Amethyst is the stone for connecting to Source energy. It transforms thoughts and provides protection. This stone provides a sense of serenity as it enhances spiritual quests and strengthens intuitive abilities. Be prepared for enhanced mental clarity, decision making and organization!

A combination of amethyst and citrine, Ametrine clears stress and tension, bonds masculine and feminine energies, and promotes acceptance of others.  It dissolves mental contradictions, releases negative emotions, and stimulates serious change! 

Known for its healing approach, Blue Lace Agate activates the throat chakra, fostering communication with spiritual grace.  It disintegrates repression, encourages verbalizing thoughts and brings forth the highest forms of spiritual truth.

The new age stone. It has been given the name angelite for a reason because it's natural aura allows for spiritual and angelic connections to be strengthened. A true stone that enhances truth speaking, compassion, tranquillity and spiritual awareness!   

Best stone for engaging in spiritual activities. Expression of your true self can be assisted when wearing Iolite. It can create the opportunity to open your intuitive talents. Use this one for meditation and astral travel!

SODALITE - Third Eye

Intuitive awareness is bestowed upon the wearer.  This stone will stimulate the pineal gland and open up your opportunities for deeper consciousness and meditation.  Look forward to intellectual clarity! Old paradigm thoughts will no longer be impressed upon you as this stone allows for new ideas.

LAPIS - Third Eye & Throat Chakra
A royal stone, excellent for expanding and protecting psychic abilities. A harmonizer that works to balance all components of the mind, body and spirit. This stone will assist you in the expression of your true emotions. Without a doubt, deeper mental and vocal awareness is a keynote for Lapis.

A stone for manifestation, Apatite raises the kundalini's vibration and increases personal motivation.  For the shy one's it opens you up in all aspects!  This will also help expand your capacity for obtaining knowledge, clear confusion, and overcome emotional exhaustion. 

TURQUOISE - Throat Chakra
Turquoise enhances communication and abilities to express ones inner truth. Wear this as a purifying and protective stone. It allows the pure essence of one’s voice to shine through. A stone that is also excellent for balancing all of the chakras.

AMAZONITE -  Third Eye & Throat Chakra 
Associated stone with the throat chakra and third eye. Amazonite is a stone for transition, and reducing self-defeating behaviors. Enhances creativity, intellect, and self confidence builder. An excellent stone that can be worn to reduce exposure to electromagnetic devices.

CHRYSOPRASE -  Heart Chakra & Sacral
Chrysoprase is a stone used to draw out your inner creative being and hone in on your talents. This stone reduces judgments allowing for the acceptance of others as well as self.  Overcome compulsions, align ideas and open the heart and sacral chakras within the body with Chrysoprase.  

African Turquoise is the stone of evolution, structure and balance. A form of Jasper, it is an excellent stone to wear in order to awaken your souls intended purpose in life. It is wonderful for rebuilding and formulating new possibilities. 

AVENTURINE  Heart Chakra
This stone of compassion creates a calming and soothing feeling to its wearer. It is a natural opener of the heart chakra, and provides the ability to receive love openly. This stone will connect you to new found leadership abilities as well as connect the intellectual and emotional body.

Kambaba Jasper is specifically used to calm the mental state. A fantastic aid for meditation, as it can most definitely sooth the nerves and balance the mind. This form of jasper can also assist with the absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

if you do energy work then you want this one! It enhances the growth of the soul, expect increased levels of spiritual guidance - tap in! It filters negativity from clients and also allows for your aura to be protected. It also assists in soothing the emotions and acts as an energy booster!

CITRINE -  Solar Plexus Chakra
The Money Stone. Best worn for those starting a new business or looking to expand levels of success, abundance, and good fortune within their life. Said to help make wise business decisions, this stone will allow your self esteem and self worth to be raised while revitalizing the mind.

Amazing when worn during meditation, Orange Selenite attracts angel energy, enhancing communication for those seeking divine connections.  It brings peace, offers protection from negative energies and pin-points where to put your focus! 

CARNELIAN -  Sacral Chakra
Carnelian is best known to enhance creativity. It is also an excellent stone for fertility, and allowing the flow of life to move through you. A calming stone best for expanding your sacral chakra. This stone will help remove any negative emotions or negative conditioning.

A powerful healer that cleanses and detoxifies, Bloodstone helps with mental adjustments and acclimatizing to new situations.  It is excellent at grounding, protecting your essence, assists flexibility and dispels confusion.  

GARNET -  Root Chakra
An energizing stone which equips its wearer with expanded awareness and is extra grounding power. A stone specifically best for producing ingenious thoughts. An excellent stone for regenerating your chakras. Turn a challenge or crisis into a solvable situation by wearing garnet.

Similar to the prosperous qualities of the dark gold and black tiger’s eye, red tigers adds a new healing power to the tiger’s eye family. It can do the same as its familial counterpart, but enhances motivation and reduces any feelings of exhaustion for its wearer. 

TIGERS EYE -  Solar Plexus Chakra

A stabilizing stone, allows the energies within you to balance. This stone provides will power and is said to lead towards a prosperous path! It enhances ones integrity and facilitates the process of manifestation. Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone for eliminating thoughts of self criticism and lifts ones mood.

SMOKEY QUARTZ -  Root Chakra
A very protective and grounding stone. It is definitely a mood elevator. A transformer of negative energy into positive vibrations. This stone will fortify ones survival instincts and is also wonderful for achieving personal goals.

Excellent for Spiritual healers - keeps you grounded while performing healing work. Used for 
harmonization of the mind, body and soul, stabilizing and protecting yourself. Do not wear for longer than 5-8hrs. Blocks negative energy from entering your aura.  Concentration & memory will be fine tuned. 

Labradorite protects your Aura, and is excellent for overall protection. It also helps to anxiety reducer and most definitely a stone for higher consciousness. 

Black Labradorite, also known as Black Larvakite, is said to open the pathways to the conscious and unconscious states of mind. This stone can be used to enhance inner vision, as well as maintain vitality and youthfulness within the wearer.

An excellent protector against electromagnetic frequency.  This ultra protective stone with grounding capabilities removes negative energies of all kinds.  It assists in creating a relaxed, rational approach in any situation.  With black tourmaline you will surely maintain a positive outlook!

BLACK ONYX -  Root Chakra
This stone is a Fortier of all energy, and creates steadfastness in its wearer. Excellent for warding off negative energy. Black Onyx is best used for balancing the root chakra. It is great for challenges in life that have a tendency to drain your energy.

Connected to earth's energy, Lava Stone reduces anxiety and centres your energy.  It will help you make a comeback or a bounce back from a situation, and creates internal stability.

Pyrite is the stone of intellect. Regarded as a protective stone, with the ability to ground you wonderfully. Enhances positive energy and provides good luck. This stone relieves anxiousness, and boosts confidence. This stone is also wonderful for accelerating mental activity.