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Crystals For The Climate

Crystals For The Climate

The climate of 2021 is most definitely less abrasive than 2020. However, we are still in the middle of shifting into a new level of global consciousness. The right tools are absolutely needed. 2021 has an energy that calls for activation, renewal and success. All of the above are possible despite what may be going on around you and the following crystals are highly recommend:


1. Moonstone

Moonstone is a timeless stone and most definitely a crowd favourite. This stone absolutely sticks out as a must for 2021 because it is known as the stone of new beginnings. As the moon waxes and wanes we see it’s phases constantly start anew. Citrine carries the energy of the sun, and moonstone of the moon – allowing us to shift through change easily. It also works wonders for balancing the yin and yang energy (the masculine in feminine) within our individual bodies. To reach a state of equilibrium within our own healing the polarities of the two are better when working in harmony, balance or in unison with one another. It is also fantastic for soothing emotions. Perhaps one of the most sought after properties of moonstone are its ability to support new mothers and the female reproductive organs. In the era of new consciousness we realize the creation of life is reliant on source energy and not solely science. Here we find a crystal that supports the recalibration of hormones and the portal of life.



2. Emerald (Rough or Polished)

There is no doubt that our patience has worn thin over the last year. Emerald in the rough used to bestow patience in large doses. It’s energy is high – often providing levels of ingenuity, inspiration and integrity to those who actively wear or use it. In the era of connections no longer being frivolous and of no value, this stone ushers in the energy of the right partnerships and successful ones at that! Emerald acts a proactive stone, replacing negative actions with the urge to take positive ones. As it proactively supports overcoming hardship it also boosts intuition and bestows wisdom.



3. Lapis Lazuli 

You don’t always need a crystal that is big in size to have big energy. Lapis is regarded as a stone for leaders. If you are trying to mobilize your business, grow in you community, shift towards a position of responsibility, lapis is what you need. It is very much a royal stone with abilities to enhance the intuition. They say the best leaders lead not by what they are told but by what they have felt. It stimulates your power and the power behind your spiritual journey. It is also wonderful for opening up the third eye and

the throat chakra, offering the gift of inner sight and outer voice. Lapis also bonds relationships and friendships! Similar to emerald and jade, lapis creates fortified bonds to relationships that matter. Perception is key with lapis as it will reveal inner truths, awakens authentic thought and amplifies important qualities.



4. Pyrite

The precursor to flint and the igniter of ideas, pyrite is a stone necessary for taking next steps! Here at Q&C we feel pyrite is a must have stone for business minded people and best suited for any ideation! It is a very protective crystal that also helps you overcome feelings of not being enough. This stone increases the intellectual flow, idea generation and reducing feelings of “i can’t”. It is truly an igniter! You won’t find low energy around pyrite. It gives you the boost you need to go on! Some would say it keeps your feet on the ground while keep your head filled with motivating thoughts.



Intuition, Emotion, Intention:

Selecting a crystal for your wellness practice is as much of a science as it is spiritual. We want the piece to react well with your energy and here are three steps that can help support you while you navigate the world of crystal energy:

  1. Intuition 
  2. Emotion
  3. Intention

Using your own internal compass (intuition) is what I recommend when beginning this practice. What is the inner you telling you? What is it leading you to? More often than not, using intuition alone has shown us remarkable results are Quartz & Canary. We’ve found that when people solely use their own keen sense of knowing, the right crystal makes it’s way to them. The energy, the meaning, the look all deeply resonate. Needless to say all spiritual gurus alike advise for you to always follow that inner knowing! Second to intuition is emotion, you know exactly what you’re going through at that time. In the event you choose the scholarly route and perform some research first; use your emotions to really be the compass that guides you to true north or to true quartz! Lastly, intention is always paramount to any spiritual practice. It should be used whether you decide to use your intuition or emotional state first! Intention supports not only how the crystal works with you, but it can act as a clarifier for your decision. What is the intention you have behind using this specific piece and does it fit the criteria you feel you need? All of the above should lead you to the right gem!


Crystals & The Collective

Collectively we have been in a constant state of fright or flight resulting in our deeper emotions to rushing to the surface along with depression and anxiety on the rise. Last year really inspired the collective to take a look at their overall wellness and what we may NOT be doing! It is completely visible that we are globally shifting into a new level of awareness it is important to understand that this is not something that is overnight job. It requires time, effort, a lot of love and authenticity. The crystals that I’ve selected draw out your authentic self. They also support working with the emotional state much more closely and maintaining a sense of calm while doing so. They are powerful energies with a gentle touch. They also work to strengthen your innate gifts and abilities while expanding your inner wisdom. All of these crystals ask you to go within while maintaining a sense of power while doing so. The truth be told, the time is now and in 2021, the energy isn’t going to wait for anyone. It is asking you to come from the heart and from your untainted self. This force combined with crystals that pack a punch too.


Sending love.



Andrea Di Paolo