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Mini Connected Hemimorphite

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Designer Notes

This refined Connected comes to you our Mini format. This dainty addition to the Connected QC line is the perfect stacking piece. Made on a waterproof highly resistant triple lined cord, hand strung to attach our coveted Q&C clasp. The clasps are cast in Canada and made out of Sterling Silver and  several finishes. The Gold Vermeil plating also falls on the Sterling Silver base, giving durable long-lasting wear. 

Sterling Silver
Gold 18k Vermeil Platting
6mm bead

Energy Notes 

Creating you is a life long journey, but the most important thing is that YOU are the only person influencing who you decide to be. With this line of connected we seek to source rare specimens that will align best with what we believe is energetically the call to bring the wearer the most security. This luxury piece specifically for people who are seeking to wear on a daily basis.

Hemimorphite's association with the throat chakra makes it an excellent stone for enhancing communication and self-expression. By promoting personal growth and aligning intentions with actions, hemimorphite supports individuals on their path to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

This Luxury version of our classic Q&C Connected Signature bracelet was designed for your individual energy needs and your spiritual style!

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