Sizing Chart

Sizing yourself for a connected bracelet is vital for its fit and comfort.

Please use our printable ruler to determine your fitted wrist measurement. The measurement should be fitted. Don’t worry, we will add some slack to the bracelet to ensure that it fits very comfortably. Trust us! We’ve made thousands. You may select the size closest to your wrist measurement. 

Example: wrist measures 6.1 inches - please select size small which is closest to your measurement. In this case SM would be selected!

XS - 5.5 Inches 

SM - 6 inches 

- 6.5 inches 

L - 7 inches 

XL - 7.5 inches

Please do not add any additional length to your exact measurement,if you select a size that is too big then you could risk losing the bracelet.

It’s with great pleasure that we produce a perfectly sized and energetically balanced bracelet. We look forward to creating your piece.

Welcome to the Q&C family and as always continue to CREATE YOU!