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Fashion & Wellness | How two beautiful worlds collide, how we don’t do the hippie stereotype.

Fashion & Wellness | How two beautiful worlds collide, how we don’t do the hippie stereotype.

Who is tired of seeing the same jewelry repeated in every Metaphysical store? We are!

For years, those who believe in the ethereal, cosmic or the esoteric have been labeled, stereotyped and given a very hemp-based wrap. We’ve always been the counter-counterculture at Q&C. There is never a time or place to fall into a narrative that doesn’t feel right. Since the inception of this little birdie – we’ve always believed that your style should be your own. While there is nothing wrong with the rock game – so many suppliers, companies and crystal connoisseurs have never strayed away from the “hippie narrative”. While our founder considers herself a hippie, she jokes about how hippie or conscious is a mind state and heart space, NOT a style. No one should be any more of less included in club for how they look. We at Q&C have wanted to always offer an inclusive style while offering the best of the best in what we do. Disclaimer: we love even the traditional boho-ist! We simply believe that you don’t have to identify as that to live from an aware place.


Realigning Fashion & Wellness

Let’s be serious, for decades there has been a misconception that wellness and fashion combined were tacky and didn’t align with each other. I remember when I first started in the wellness industry, I would frequently visit spiritual and wellness shops in the city and noticed there was a great selection in products, but not necessarily the most fashionable pieces. It was kind of hard trying to find well made jewelry that felt good to my soul and even harder to wear as a fashionable piece.  This stereotype is something that I thought needed to change. Quartz & Canary is all about aligning yourself and to look good while you’re doing it! Each piece represents a purpose, something to make you feel good and with great style. In today’s world more and more people are taking the time for themselves practising self care, self love and doing more research on WHO they want to be.


Let's Challenge the 'Hippie' Narrative

For decades, specifically after 69’, the media took a strong hold on the “counter culture”, the beatnik, hippie or “vagabond” based being and ensured they developed somewhat of a narrative around it. Someone who was going against the grain felt and looked like something. There were archetypes that the media has formed. From a person’s speech, to marijuana use, physical attire to their hair – something was dumbed down about the peaceful and the empowered. As time went on, the hard-lined hippie vibe changed to something mystic and witchy. This took place somewhere in the early 80’s where we are the usage of ritual work, intuition, crystals, tarot cards and anything else esoteric as “witchy”. Combining these stereotypes is what really enhances the notion of the hippie, the beatnik or the outraged pagan who looks and believes nothing that you do. On some level so many fit this niche or description, and this is FINE! However, others don’t. Many of the reasons we challenge the narrative is because the media portrays a dumbness and “far-out” feeling to those who have viewed life a little differently. Here at Q&C, we take it to the mainstream. It’s time to change that archetype and allow people to be who they want to be. The founder of this company (Andrea Di Paolo) felt very strongly that an image or stereotype was not something we wanted to do. The granola girl or hemp boy is just what we believe some people lean towards, NOT look like. It is without a doubt that we are making peace for all walks and feels of life. Most importantly we are making healing jewelry for the aware, the aligned, the in tune and those looking for elevation. Whether you love a good tie dye or a clean cut suit – there’s something here for everyone. We want you to look and feel your best. Whatever that “look and feel” is to you. The only boxes we do here are the gold lined boxes your jewelry pieces come in.


Ready to Align Your Fashion & Wellness Look?

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