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Empowering Your Affirmations "I AM"

Empowering Your Affirmations "I AM"

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive phrases or statements used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts. Practicing positive affirmations can be extremely simple, and all you need to do is pick a phrase or a set of phrases that are important to you and repeat it to yourself.

You may use positive affirmations to motivate yourself, encourage positive changes in your life, or boost your self-esteem. If you frequently get caught up in negative self-talk, positive affirmations can combat these subconscious patterns and replace them with more positive thoughts. 

Like how we care for our physical bodies by exercising or eating a healthy diet, affirmations are like exercises for our mind, spirit and outlook. These positive mental repetitions can reprogram our thinking patterns so that, over time, we begin to think - and act - differently. 

What's more, affirmations have been shown to stimulate the areas in our brains that make us more likely to effect positive changes regarding our health. A stronger sense of self-worth makes you more likely to improve your well-being. 

You can use affirmations in any situation where you want to see a positive change in your life. 
These might include times when you want to: 
- Raise your confidence levels
- Control negative feelings such as frustration, anger, or sadness
- Improve your self-esteem and thoughts
- More clarity and focus on decision making  
- Improve your productivity and outlook on things  
- Overcome obstacles that may stand in your way of achieving any goals or dreams
- To help you live to your full potential because you are amazing

Why Your Affirmations Aren't Working - Tuning into the Inner YOU


"Your power lies in your beliefs."

When you affirm that you are, you are asking to become. When you become without emotion, you are not shifting. You are simply repeating what you WANT to be and not actualizing who you ARE.

You could be saying these affirmations for years without understanding their power and the need to implant power behind them. Saying I AM is one of the world's most powerful incantations. 

When you incant, you enchant. Any magic requires action and motion. You'll need to apply a formula to your affirmations. They do not work because you are not working. They require belief, movement, and physical momentum. 

The frequency of the words "I AM" has been noted to be related to the Divine. They offer an opportunity to work with the areas in which you need healing or feel lacking. When creating a list or an idea of what to affirm, you must honestly look within and understand that your selection should be based on what you truly need. 

"To incant is to enchant." These are statements which chart your course. Where are you now? Where can you shift your path? How can you use these statements to express who you really are? Use detailed words and phrases. Remember, monetary I AM's do not hold the same vibration. This is about your value, different from what is valuable. You must embody the I AM to become and see it. 

"I AM the Designer." Wake up and use the mirror. Your communication with yourself must improve for your results to materialize. The WAY in which you incant must have emotion and the "force of source" by going into your heart. Take a minute when you're moving. When you're physical being is in motion, your biology reacts to the I AM. It locks it in. Emotions are related and studied to be connected to motion. 


I AM Activation


Plan your I AM's

Which areas need the most healing or focus? Ask yourself, is this an area that needs focus? Where are you not enough? Why say I AM...if you don't need extra love there?


Concentrate on them being in your daily routine when you can truly focus. Your entire being must be focused on them. Create a safe space where you can openly connect to what you need.

Mirror and Meditation

Use the mirror to communicate with emotion. Believe that you can and will feel it - use your facial muscles and acting skills. Use meditation to focus on your head and heart connection. The two need to be fully engaged for the energy to start flowing. Meditate on what you need to affirm.

Take Action

To activate the energy, you must ACT on your I AM. If you affirm "I AM courage," do something that week that requires being courageous. This will shift your orientation and path immediately. 

Emotion and Motion

Use an "alpha" state of movement. Movement and emotion are related - say them repeatedly while walking or working out. Remember to be in a safe and concentrated space. You need your entire body to react to the feeling. It is okay to get emotional. 


To cement the belief that this is activating in your life, write down ways you see your I AM's form. If you're using, I AM a Goddess...are people using that word around you more often? Have you received more attention? This is a way to track your progress and believe your energy can shift into the essence of your I AM. YOU now are that affirmation. 

Our Compass

AFFIRM. BELIEVE. RECEIVE. Our Compass was designed to bring your affirmations into focus. Based on a life-changing moment for Andrea and founded on the principle of direction. This piece was designed to represent the power of the words "I AM" and how they can change the direction of your life. Once you believe you can achieve. 

Canadian-made, nautical, educational and motivational. A perfect unisex piece that not only makes you look good but makes you feel good. Cast in non-tarnish silver, 18k plated over 925 Sterling Silver Vermeil or solid gold. Available in 20 or 24-inch chains.*