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3 Easy Ways to SHIFT

3 Easy Ways to SHIFT

Have you ever wondered how every guru or self help master shifts so easily? It’s partially because they’re used to it. They know the protocol and the steps they must go through to see results. It’s like learning to drive, once you understand how to parallel park you might not get it the first time but with repetition, it becomes a science. You don’t have to be a meditation lover or expert by any means. You just need to try your best to see a perspective differently. You need to think with strength and love to process. Most of us think of the process as an ominous irritating feeling. It can truly be blissful and empowering if you LET it! I understand better than anyone that shifting something in your life is difficult. Most of the mental, physical, and emotional restraints we put on ourselves are limiting and we often find blind spots that we can easily use as points for a greater change. I know in 2022 everyone is looking for relief. Relief always starts within, I never, or rarely start without. We are going to cover three ways you can shift the emotional, the physical and the mental – easily! I can’t promise you that the change will be extra strength week one, but over a short period of time – things will get better!


Emotional shifting is probably the most difficult of the three, but nonetheless can be done with a dash of patience added to the formula. Practice makes your emotions progress, not perfect. By this I mean we can see our emotions become controlled by ourselves versus our emotions controlling us. In no way am I saying that you need to ignore how you are feeling! In some cases, we allow some emotions to take over and absorb our days when they really don’t need to. The easy way to shift your emotions the snap! The snap is the term I use when it comes to realizing via a quick change in thought we can literally snap out of it. Change your thought or your movement immediately and you’ll see a shift in your emotion. Often, I tell my clients two things work wonderfully: let music or sound move you into a different emotional space or use a reminder phrase. Either way, when you know this is a trigger versus something you really feel deep down, use the SNAP method, and get yourself into a different frame of mind. The phrase I would use is:  I make me feel something; no one has the power to make me feel something. In life our relationships often determine how we feel. Interactions can shape our emotions. It is important to remember the “they made me feel” part of it all is a myth. You don’t need to hold onto an emotion that you don’t want to. You certainly can release these emotions are not of value at that moment and shift to a motion-based state... my favourite dancing. Don’t worry, no one’s watching!

Get Physical

A lot of the time when we don’t feel like we are in physical form or unbelievably tired (etc), we can often begin to feel completely unmotivated. It results in no movement, no life force, no love of self. This is a very dangerous situation to be in. Our body is our own apothecary and naturally produces much of what we need to heal, feel wonderful and regulate our state. Your weekly actions should contain movement. From exercise to a walk outside, move your body. As we said above it can be a transitional moment for your mind as well. When we are also physically active it promotes better sleep and regulation of all bodily systems naturally improving the stuck feeling many people have. Your goal should be to incorporate a fitness routine or some level of exercise at least 3 times per week. Your physical state can help you shift every other area of your life. Your beliefs are the cornerstone to how you move in the waking world. If you believe that nothing will provide hope, surely it won’t. If you believe you can shift your attitude and your state by believing in the power of your own being you will absolutely see results!

The Calm

Let’s be real, we’ve all got a lot going on, and we sometimes find ourselves looking for that stillness that we may be craving. With the recent events of the Covid 19 world pandemic, more and more people are taking time for themselves, and meditation is one perfect example. If you feel stressed or anxious, tense, or worried - consider trying meditation. Spending even just 5 minutes a day can truly help calm and centre yourself and find inner peace. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and is commonly used for relaxation and to reduce stress. It is considered a type of mind/body connection which can give you a deep state of calmness, tranquility, and stillness. It can really shift your mind set, which in turn effects not only your mind and body but also your whole day in a happy and healthy way! Since the mind and body are connected, meditation also brings on other physical health benefits because what you think is how you feel.  It can help manage anxiety, asthma, depression, chronic pain, cancer, high blood pressure and sleep problems.

Here are a few simple tips to help incorporate meditation into your daily routine:

Find a quiet space, whether it’s your bedroom, washroom, or office, it will work. Make yourself comfortable, you can either sit up or lie down. Gently close your eyes and take in a few deep breaths. Inhale through your stomach/diaphragm and exhale through your mouth. Depending on your surroundings you may hear sounds, background noises, or you may start to notice your mind wondering and thinking about what to cook for dinner and that’s okay. Try to turn your attention to your breathing to remain focused. Scan your body, become aware of different feelings that your body may be feeling at this time such as tingling, pain, tension, warmth or relaxation. Now you can repeat a Mantra as you're feeling more relaxed. Mantras can be pretty much anything you want to say which in turn will help how you feel, for example;

  • I am strong and healthy both mentally and physically
  • I have an abundance of energy

Once you are ready slowly bring your awareness back to where you are, wiggle your fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes. Ta-dah you did it!

You may now see the connection these three have. Finding calmness, moving the body and training the mind are all bound together. It’s like they form a molecule of healing when used in tandem with one another. These three easy ways to shift can take 5 seconds (emotions), 5 minutes (meditation) and 15 minutes (exercise) to total a daily commitment of roughly 20 minutes to start fine tuning your state and your day. The power is within you to shift and the three easy ways are right here!

Here are some mood lifting crystals to help you shift in the event you need additional support: Amethyst, Sunstone, Citrine, and Apophyllite.

                            AMETHYST                                         CITRINE

 amethyst-quartz-and-canary  cirtine-quartz-and-canary


                         SUNSTONE                                    APOPHYLLITTE

sunstone-crystal-bracelet-quartz-and-canary  apophyllite-crystal-quartz-and-canary 

Happy Shifting!