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Water Band | Silver

  • $211.00

Designer Notes:

The Elements Collection is here to embody the properties of our planet from Fire to Water, Earth to Air. This sleek combination of gems and your choice of hardware captures these pieces in an elegant setting. These versatile pieces can be dressed and worn to high-profile events or with jeans and a t-shirt.

12mm connected band in solid Sterling Silver, 925 

Aquamarine Baguette-cut

Moonstone Pavé setting

The ring is stacked in one piece


Energy Notes:

The Element Collection is meant to enhance the properties of the wearer you would like to embrace, bringing balance to our elemental selves. 

The combination of Aquamarine and Moonstone are paired to embrace the properties of Water. The element of Water brings us to our emotional depths, where empathy and compassion flow deep. Water rules intuition and our connection to our inner knowing, helping us develop our sixth sense. Aquamarine amplifies our insight and expression of our inner truth, whereas Moonstone brings emotional balance to our intuitive knowing, assisting our soul's growth.

Note: Images shown are digital renderings providing you with realistic images. All gems are natural, and uniformity is not guaranteed. Gemstone colour and appearance may vary.