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Earth Bangle | Silver

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Designer Notes

The Elements Collection is here to embody the properties of our planet from Fire to Water, Earth to Air. This sleek combination of gems and your choice of hardware captures these pieces in an elegant setting. These versatile pieces can be dressed and worn to high-profile events or with jeans and a t-shirt.

59mm bangle size, 3mm width
Solid Sterling Silver, 925 
Trillion-cut Smokey Quartz stone in a triangle formation

Zircon pavé setting

Energy Notes

The Element Collection is meant to enhance the properties the wearer would like to embrace, bringing balance to our elemental selves.

Earth energy gives us the foundation to plant the seeds of abundance into our lives. Moving through Earth's power gives us a sense of grounding and security through an organized, practical lens. Smokey Quartz grounds our ideas, protecting against negativity so we can move into our purpose, knowing we are safe to embrace all we are born to become. Through patience and persistence, we continue to grow.

These are RARE Limited Editions, part of this seasons capsule collection. QC will be reintroducing a newly designed format. Coming Soon