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Scorpio | Ruby

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Designer Notes

The entire collection is a culmination of two years of ideation. Our aim was to craft a truly exceptional collection that embodies the essence of ancient astrological energy. During this exploration, we discovered the captivating world of Egyptian astrology, the most ancient form of star interpretation known to humanity.

We meticulously incorporated textures like Papyrus and ancient textile patterns into their construction to infuse our pieces with authenticity. Drawing on inspiration from ancient Egypt and the origins of Kemetic astrology. This is truly an amulet made for gods and goddesses alike.

18k Gold Vermeil on Sterling or Sterling Silver 925
Elongated Box 17 or 19 inches
Curb Chain 18, 20, 22 inches

Energy Notes

The Papyrus Zodiac Collection is meant to empower and align. It is said that the Egyptians would wear a Papyrus amulet around the throat for protection and good health. We offer you these same intentions. Paired with hand-selected stones we believe are best suited to that zodiac sign. The stone is here to shift your weaknesses, empower your strengths and work with your element to create a new feel to your astrological energy. Here is the epitome of what Quartz & Canary stands for: uniqueness, high energy and style in one piece.