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Bamboo Ring | Aventurine

  • $117.00

925 sterling silver + 18K Gold Plating
2 Micron plating | extra durable 
Durable casting | Lightweight for comfort

Designer notes: 
This bamboo formation will become a new classic. This look will bring your style to the next level. Taking tradition and adding something special to it! A traditional emerald cut stone delicately sits on the front of this piece, a new age way to bring your stones with you. This is our version of stones in the city, baby. 

Energy notes: 
Bamboo is an ancient spiritual symbol for flexibility, endurance, peace, and good luck. Coupled with aventurine we have an unstoppable match! 
This stone of compassion creates a calming and soothing feeling to its wearer. It is a natural opener of the heart chakra, and provides the ability to receive love openly. This stone will connect you to new-found leadership abilities as well as connect the intellectual and emotional body.