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Bamboo Bangle | Iolite

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Designer Notes

The final addition to the bamboo set, the trilogy has arrived! Our bamboo bangle is sleek yet impactful with its edgy design and stone allocation. Three gems adorn the exterior of the bangle as well as our little canary detail. The adjustable lock and hinge provide security while wearing this entirely solid silver piece. We've been waiting YEARS to innovate a gem bangle with a lot of love and a ton of style. Your wrist just got a bit more powerful and glamorous. 

57mm Diameter
Solid Sterling Silver 18k plating | 1 Micron 
Hinge & Lock mechanism 

Energy Notes

Bamboo is an ancient spiritual symbol for flexibility, endurance, peace, and good luck. Coupled with Iolite we have an unstoppable match! 
The stone for engaging in spiritual activities. Expression of your true self can be assisted when wearing Iolite. It can create the opportunity to open your intuitive talents. Use this one for meditation and astral travel! This stone is also excellent for honing in on money matters - it specifically helps overcoming debts and organizing yourself better.