Quartz & Canary is a jewelry company that was officially created in 2015 by Andrea Di Paolo. Completely enthralled by the jewelry business, she began to teach herself about all of the technical aspects that are involved in understanding the construction and beauty behind precious gems and metals. With over ten years of experience in the jewelry business, she understood that designing and creating customizable jewelry was her calling. As her journey through life encountered a deeply spiritual crossroad, she began her quest on educating herself on the spiritual and metaphysical properties that gemstones have to offer. With over five years of research and knowledge she combines her love for jewelry with her love of the healing arts! The company name was developed in 2012 when Andrea had simply been creating bridal pieces on a freelance basis. The name itself is representative of the company’s belief systems and principles they intend to offer to the masses. Quartz is a stone which in the spiritual realm is known to be a master healer. It is a stone that is not only used within watches to move the hands of time, but it can also be used to enhance the metaphysical properties and energy centres within the body. It is also the most commonly sourced stone in the world. The Canary on the animal totem beckons energy of spiritual illumination, allowing for this new light and song to provide healing. Pushing the negative energy away as it sings, making way for a new positive foundation! Quartz & Canary stands by their slogan to “Create You”! Having a customizable product is a large reason why the company implores its clients to discover themselves through purchasing a healing stone that will help create, enhance or strengthen specific qualities within them throughout life’s journey. Quartz & Canary strives to offer a variety of gemstones and customizable designs to allow each individual’s personality and character to shine through. Andrea strives to produce unique and versatile designs for universal wear. Certain pieces are limited in quantity due to quality of product and rarity of stones. This brand has been established in the greater Toronto area and strongly supports local businesses and sourcing of each piece! Quartz & Canary produces each piece by hand. Quality and longevity of product is paramount to the company’s essence. Andrea’s experience and careful eye to quality and details is evident in every piece.