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I AM Compass | Silver

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Designer notes:
This piece was created because we love the timeless look of nautical medallions. It’s a simple fashion statement with a powerful impact. This unisex piece is highly detailed. It has been cast in non tarnish silver. This piece can also be reversible as we put our company logo on the back. Giving Q&C lovers an opportunity to rep their new path and brand all at the same time.

Spiga Chain 
Non Tarnish Silver 
22mm Medallion 

Energy notes:  
I AM are the two strongest words we can put in front of a statement. When we affirm, we are asking the universe to support us in becoming what we are enchanting. These words act as a universal GPS to believing in yourself. Rest assured, if you were pointing South and you begin to affirm differently you - will soon point North. I AM statement S form directions, shifts and new pathway. Never forget what you incant you enchant!