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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Gloria Steinem & Dorothy Pitman Hughes #QCmuses
All of our Muses have made an IMPACT!
In following suit to our muses we would like you to read the below:

Please read both parts:

Racism is taught. It is a learned behaviour in society. It is not innate within us to hate anyone. Children are programmed to become bigots. You are responsible (parents) for shaping the youth of tomorrow and being the voices of today. Rising above the systematic oppression is what is essentially occurring. The black community has never devalued the lives of another, rather they are simply asking for humanity to be the FIRST choice in your hearts and minds rather than the socialized and historically appropriated narratives of OPPRESSION. My friend and I had a conversation, he was devastated, “Andrea, we witnessed a modern day lynching.” I HEARD HIM. Loud and clear.

In that very moment I realized we were not far enough away from the initial stages from the civil rights movements that surrounded Malcom X, Martin Luther King, and the Black Panther uprising to say we have PROTECTED our black brothers and sisters humanity and hearts enough!

I don’t want to be a social media soldier.
I won’t be a temporary protestor.
I have been given privilege to be able to do more.
I can empathize with understanding marginalization as I’ve seen how society has treated my brother (Autism) and my father (Parkinson’s).
Anything outside of white heteronormative reality is foreign and therefore judged, ridiculed, and given stereotypes accompanied with minimal opportunity.
Read the Prison industrial complex by Angela Davis.
Understand the concept of urban geography and industrial racism.
Cities are built to segregate! This stems from the TOP!
Understand how many countries HAVE NOT written equal rights into their Bill of Rights!

Understand the ENERGY of what we are seeing here is attempting to break the cycle!!! This repetitive cycle has been something that our fellow humans with a deeper melanin have had to deal with for centuries!
This is an attempt to break the cycle of hate, the old paradigms of thinking and establish LOVE - OPPORTUNITY and GRACE back into their lives - WITHOUT PREJUDICE!

In solidarity with the BLM movement, I would love to keep my heart and my phone lines open.... I will be offering support (FOR FREE) to those who may need it most. Send me someone in the community you feel needs a hand. I’ll be that hand, I’ll offer that support. I’ll extend my opportunity forward. I will furthermore extend my love to this person, who will then likely pay it forward as well! Opportunity is an energy and I don’t want to be passive. I will offer sessions and education based on consciousness and mindful practices to those who you nominate - or better yet, just nominate yourself.
The DMs are open.

Black lives matter.