The ODIN Pendant | Gold

  • $244.00
Designer notes: 
Named after the Norse God of lightning, the Odin pendant holds the power of the legend itself. Fabricated unlike any other bolts you’ve seen, this free-flowing design came from the process of recreating a personal favourite. It’s unique structure takes a traditional symbol and elevates it beyond this realm. 

14k Gold Filled Chain 
Sterling silver bolt 18k gold Plated 
11 mm x 35 mm long pendant 
Anti-tarnish | No discolouration 
Venetian rounded box chain 

Energy notes: 
They say that lightning never strikes in the same place twice. But when it does, magic happens. This piece was not only made after the magical lore of Odin himself, but after a rare occurrence. Lightning struck twice. Infused with the power of divine timing this pendant is a must gift or must have. The love and luck this was made with will be sure to enhance the lives of those who wear it.