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The Canary Signet Ring | Gold

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Designer notes: 
We’ve taken a classic and made it something new. We’ve marked this ring with our beloved canary logo and handset a white topaz in the ring. This is a complete way to carry the look and feel of what the canary represents while wearing a classic! Made for any finger! 

18 k gold-  2 micron plating
Solid back 
White topaz stone

Energy notes: 
Canary has forever been known to save those who are stuck in the coal mine. It’s been known as the universal whistleblower exposing the truth that people may or may not want to hear. Our beloved Canary acts as the animal energy would; a symbol of truth and awakening for whomever wears it. This piece is made with the intention to allow you to be more authentic to who you are. To reach a place of healing and to speak your truth. Are the canary whistles and pays it forward - this energy will help you do the same! 
We used white topaz because of its magical manifestation powers. It also has wonderful detoxification elements that help support you in removing what you don’t need.