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The Art of Getting Unstuck Manifesting Like A Pro - Crystal Edition

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The Art of Getting Unstuck Manifesting Like A Pro - Crystal Edition

Getting UNSTUCK - making your way through the challenges, gaining clarity and making the most out of your manifestations.

Let's remove the blocks to get to the point where we can move forward. This workshop is perfect as we move through retrogrades and we find ourselves doing "re" EVERYTHING... Rework, Reorganize, Reevaluate...etc

We will use this season's momentum to get clear so we can fully manifest our next steps. We will also address the challenges we face when that stuck feeling sinks in. The intention behind this course is to help you look at life from a bigger picture, zooming out and recognizing where you can adjust your lens and see your life for the beauty that it is.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS; this one is going to be a hit!!!!

We are also incorporating how crystals can assist us in shaping and changing our vibrational frequency to align ourselves deeper to our calling and manifestations. Some of OUR top 5 gems for clarity, motivation and manifestation include but are not limited to, Verascite, Pyrite, White Topaz, Vanadinite and Ruby.



Crystal card pulls (one per person - no messages, just for your use only)
HOW to get unstuck, three quick ways
Easy secrets to manifest with
Closing 8:15 pm