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Beaded Santorini Evil Eye Bracelet | Gold Filled

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Designer notes: 

Our founder, Andrea, has released pieces that have come far and wide. Here we have a curated collection brought to all of you from our suppliers out in LA, Italy and Toronto. These pieces are hand assembled by Andrea. We’ve committed to curating an affordable luxury line of jewelry. This is some of our most durable gold filled jewellery and some of our fan favourites. Remember, gold filled is not like gold plating - “gold filled” is a bonding process that allows the gold to form a shield like a barrier on the jewelry. Making it very much so resilient to water, sweat and the stresses of wear.

6mm heavy gold beads 

Coin shaped 20 mm Evil Eye 

Stretch cord

All products are 14k Gold filled 

Energy notes: 

Here is a beaded classic, a culmination of a Grecian feel with a modern touch. This statement bracelet is going to add a touch of perfection, protection and style to your every day. This is the perfect energy and layering piece to add to your existing Q&C stack. Another way to ward off unwanted energy in style! 

The luckiest thing you can do is buy the evil eye for someone else. 🧿