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INU! CRYSTAL by VitaJuwel ®

inu! [”ee-noo”, Hawaiian: “to drink”] is a versatile, BPA-free glass bottle with a chamber for precious crystals. Crystals infuse your water with subtle vibrations: Thus “crystal water”.

inu! features a sacred flower of life symbol for even more positive energy.

16.9 fl.oz. | pre-filled with clear quartz

You might have seen water bottles with obelisk-shaped stones directly “touching” the water. We believe inu! is the better option, because many stones are impregnated with artificial resin. Some could even release toxic substances (like heavy metals) into the water.
With the 2-chamber concept, the crystals in your inu! NEVER touch the water, while providing all benefits from the crystals’s energies. Enjoy your crystal water 100% safe, pure and healthy.

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