VitaJuwel ®

ViA is your perfect travel companion. Enjoy GemWater that tastes like it's fresh from the spring, no matter where you are. What makes it so special? You can screw the bottom of the bottle off! ViA holds 16.9 fl oz of water, and is made of premium, pollutant-free glass. It comes with an exchangeable bottom piece called a GemPod, filled with an exquisite selection of hand-picked precious gemstones. Besides allowing you to change the GemPod as you please, the bottle's removable bottom also makes it much easier to clean than traditional water bottles. The patented GemPod is assembled by hand in the German Alps. ViA is available in 12 carefully selected gemstone blends, suiting every preference and mood. See the next pages for several useful accessories that make using your ViA even more convenient and exciting.