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Bamboo Buddha | Gold

  • $188.00
Designer Notes: 
Are you ready to elevate? We just elevated an all time Q&C favourite, the natural jade Buddha. We poured time, love and energy into designing a Buddha that is exclusive to us! The bamboo frame and leaves to secure the natural jade to the setting is the beginning of the design. A solid sterling silver frame, 20 inch Valentino chain and the fine touch of Canadian artisans complete the piece. 

20 inch Valentino chain 
Sterling Silver | 18k 1 Micron plating 
Natural jade Buddha carving 
Solid bamboo bezel 
Canary insignia 

Energy notes: 
Bamboo is an ancient spiritual symbol for flexibility, endurance, peace, and good luck. The complexities of jade will illuminate your soul and keep your spirit strong. Buddha is a sacred being, God and symbol that beacons peace and enlightenment to all of its wearers. Allow this piece to offer the streams of goodness to you in all ways.