Vogel Crystals

  • $54.00

Energy Notes: 

This cut was innovated by scientist and intuitive Marcel Vogel, a 27 year employee of IBM. He is the person who is responsible for revolutionizing how crystals are cut and the process in which they are used. He devised these multifaceted gems to be able to retain our thoughts into the crystal and use it for healing purposes. Our three crystal specimens with a 12 sided cut are ideal for transmuting energy to heal. He described the additional cuts on the crystal that increased amplification. 

Average length 5 inches per point

Best Practice: 

Whether you select the clarity and amplifying energy of clear quartz or the grounding and anxiety reducing energy of smoky quartz - this stone is directly to be used on the body. Use it in reiki, healing, home crystal healing. This is a perfect piece for a unique crystal collector or an avid crystal healer. If you're attracted to this make sure you get the perfect Vogel for you.