The Vision Set

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  • $128.00

Energy Notes: 

Your eyes are meant from perception, not for sight. Real seeing comes from within. The Vision set is to help you see clearly and  support your growing gifts. This set is meant to help you tap all the way in to your intuition and see a bit more clearly than you did before. Maybe a lot more clearly! This set combines clear quartz to help balance and amplify the good while clearing the bad. Sodalite (blue) provides you with the intellectual clarity, and creativity you intuition requires. Last but not least fluorite is a band width increaser - you get to pick up a higher frequency or signal with this stone. It is also very protective. You'll reach new heights, thank us later! 

Average length 2-4 inch point

Please note: as we carry natural crystals only - size, shape and exact colour may vary.

valued at $128.00

Best Practice: 

Best used in mediation nook or in an open area of your home!  A must have for your crystal collection. Excellent to incorporate in meditation, personal healing or energy work.