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The Good Habit Box

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Bracelet Clasp
This box supports you forming new positive habits. It also helps with reducing stress and balancing your emotional wellbeing. you'll feel relief instantly as it also block energy and emotions that are not yours. We are not meant to take on everything.
Gold 18k plating
Silver 925 plating 
Black nickel plating
Labradorite point, peach moonstone palm stone, golden healer sphere. 
Infinity stretch gold rutile bracelet. 
Energy Notes: 
Labradorite - Labradorite protects your Aura, and is excellent for overall protection. It also helps as an anxiety reducer, and is most definitely a stone for higher consciousness. This stone particularly works well while in therapy. It supports the growth of faith in oneself and in the unseen
Moonstone - Moonstone is referred to as the stone of new beginnings, and is most commonly used for relief of emotional stress. It can also inherently balance the male and female energies within the body. Excellent for the female body, fertility, and reproductive cycle.
Gold Rutile - If you do energy work then you want this one! It enhances the growth of the soul - expect increased levels of spiritual guidance - tap in! It filters negativity from clients and also allows for your aura to be protected. It also assists in soothing the emotions and acts as an energy booster!
Golden Healer -  Golden healer is the habit breaker! It prompts unusual healing of yourself and others. It drive you to a space where you’re above to reprogram more than just your mind. It supports you tuning your body. Like Rutilated Quartz, golden healer Quartz is fantastic for those who do energy work. It’s one notch above “regular” Quartz!