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The Essentials Box

  • $79.00
  • $129.00
Bracelet Clasp
This box combines all of the energy you need for your daily life. Self love, motivation, serenity and purification are all within this box! Combine them all or use separately to feel like your best self.
Gold 18k plating
Silver 925 plating 
Black nickel plating
Clear Quartz Egg, Fluorite Point, Rose Quartz Sphere and The infinity Amethyst stretch bracelet.
Energy Notes:
Clear Quartz -  Clear Quartz is a master healer. A universal stone for all types of healing, and an amplifier of all energy centers within the body. This stone is powerful in manifestation, healing, protection and beneficial during meditation. It is excellent for strengthening and balancing all body systems.
Rose Quartz -  The love stone. Rose Quartz provides the wearer with the potential to accept and receive love in all ways. Expect an enhancement of self-esteem and self-love! A great stone to wear consistently to attract love.
Amethyst - Amethyst is the stone for connecting to Source energy. It transforms thoughts and provides protection. This stone provides a sense of serenity as it enhances spiritual quests and strengthens intuitive abilities. Be prepared for enhanced mental clarity, decision-making and organization! It is also an excellent stone that can be used in situations of grief.
Fluorite - A “band width” increaser. You’ll be sure to feel motivation and an increased level of intuitive power. This stone supports growth across all areas. It’s one of our favourites for the basics of what you need to feel expanded and ready to take on new tasks.