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The Elevation Box

  • $77.00
  • $115.00
Bracelet Clasp

This box focuses on your elevation, whether you're needing a boost in motivation or figuring out ways to clear you path, these stones have you covered. You'll also feel a sense of passion and positivity. We've added a dose of luck too! 

Gold 18k plating
Silver 925 plating 
Black nickel plating

Fluorite Cluster, Moss Heart and Aventurine Infinity Stretch Bracelet 

Energy Notes:
Aventurine - This stone of compassion creates a calming and soothing feeling to its wearer. It is a natural opener of the heart chakra, and provides the ability to receive love openly. This stone will connect you to new-found leadership abilities as well as connect the intellectual and emotional body.
Moss Agate - The Moss Agate is a stabilising stone strongly connected with nature, refreshes the soul and enables you to see the beauty in all you behold! Also called the stone of wealth, its attracts abundance. It prompts unusual healing of yourself and others. Being a highly optimistic stone, it encourages trust and hope.
Fluorite -  If you’re looking to motivate, accelerate or elevate fluorite IS the stone for you. It increases your “band width” and your ability to do more. It’s truly the stone of accomplishment. It will also awaken or create a rise of any gifts you’re holding within. Excellent for the third eye, meditation and intuitive work - use this booster stone where ever you see fit!