The Chakra Bracelet

Designer Notes: 
A Q&C revival! This bracelet was originally designed in 2015 for our 2016 collection. With some ingenuity and craftsmanship we have brought back a crowd favourite. Lovely bezel set gemstones and puffed mariner links have been connected together to form a fashionable way to align your chakras. Each stone was intentionally selected to support your bodies balance. This is a highly limited piece. Only two are in circulation! 

925 sterling silver - hand-made

Amethyst (crown)

Iolite (third eye)

Blue Topaz (throat)

Peridot (Heart)

Citrine (Solar Plexus)

Moonstone (Sacral)

Garnet (Root)

Energy Notes: 
Quartz & Canary has hand selected a collection of gems to promote your inner awakening! We recommend wearing these gems regularly to help enhance your inner power or assist in the ancient practice of energy healing! We’ve added to our collection to serve all of your energetic needs.