The Calm Set

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Energy Notes: 

Who's looking to slow their roll and keep calm? A little dose of anti-anxiety gems with a balance of peace is what you may be in need of. Howlite has a gentle elevated consciousness and allows you to reach a state of Zen. A beautiful stone for calming your energy right down! Our natural citrine point is a mood lifting and a neutralizer for any nervousness. Leave it to smoky quartz to turn negative energy into positive sources. This is a set built on calming, flowing, stress reducing and grounding energy. May the ZEN be with you. 

Average length 3-4 inches per point

Please note: as we carry natural crystals only - size, shape and exact colour may vary.

Pricing may change for sets according to weight and size of crystals

valued at $111.00

Best Practice: 

Best used to clear the energy of a personal space or home, especially in a main area of your home. Use as a crystals in your mediation space or wellness nook.  A must have for your crystal collection. Excellent to incorporate in meditation, personal healing or energy work.