Shungite Pharaohs

  • $58.00

Energy Notes: 

This pair is ideal for recharging the body. Holding the black cylinder (Shungite) on the left hand and the dark grey cylinder (Steatite) in the right hand is ideal for those who need to recharge. A true harmonizing stone and set fit for those who are looking to align! 

Average length 4 inches in length per Pharaoh

Please note: as we carry natural crystals only - size, shape and exact colour may vary.

Best Practice: 

This one is best for a ritual. Bioenergetic practiconers use these to align the meridians or the yin (black pharaoh) and yang (deep grey pharaoh) in the body. Hold in each hand and sit in a meditative pose to activate healing. While not in use leave in a healing or wellness nook in your home to purify and harmonize the energy around you! Excellent to incorporate in meditation, personal healing or energy practices.