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Sage Set | Sacred Stacks

  • $477.00
Jade Infinity | Silver
Aligned Toggle | Silver
Q&C Connected Labradorite
$585 Total Value
$477 For ALL 

Jade Infinity | Silver 
Aligned Toggle | Silver
Bamboo Bangle Turquoise 
Peaceful Eye | Silver 
Q&C Connected Labradorite | Silver Clasp- Size Your Wrist

Designer notes: 
This is set is meant for the silver lover and renewal of the seasons. The brightness of this set can be used in the summer but broken up and used throughout every sacred moment. A little birdie told us you’ll get a fantastic surge out of this set. 

Energy Notes: 
Every heard any sage advice? Well this is ours, unleash your inner shaman and begin to view life differently. Arizona Turquoise, Labradorite, Clear Quartz and Jade are all hear to help you take 10 steps forward. The celestial planes are the limit, this set if you’re boost, your spirit is your guide. The peaceful eye we added for protection. You can never be too careful on these astral journeys.