Protection + Prosperity

Energy Notes: 

These three stones are best used for eliminating negative energy, calming stress and drawing in some motivation. Black tourmaline for protection, immune boosting and reducing exposure to radioactive frequency. Smoky quartz for reducing stress and anxiety, plus added grounding. Lastly, the tigers eye addition is sure to bring prosperity and motivation to your corner! No doubt you'll have a force-field around your aura. 

Average length 3-4 inch point

Please note: as we carry natural crystals only - size, shape and exact colour may vary.

Pricing may change for sets according to weight and size of crystals. 

valued at $88.00

Best Practice: 

Best used in your office space or centrally at the front door of your business. Take this set of three any where you go!  A must have for your crystal collection. Excellent to incorporate in meditation, personal healing or energy work.