Petite Evil Eye Bracelet

  • $55.00

Designer Notes: 
This mini bead bracelet is coupled with a Mediterranean style evil eye charm for protection! A delicate piece that is meant to be stacked with your various Q&C pieces. We picked a selection of rare gems to have exclusively offered in this collection for your spiritual growth 

Gold Filled bead + Charm

Sterling Silver bead + Charm

All natural gemstones 

6mm mini bead


Energy Notes: 
The evil eye charm is a sacred symbol used to ward off negative energy. Each piece is a delicate reminder that your energy is sacred and protecting it is necessary! 

Jade - wisdom, friendship, luck, protects against illness, serenity and brings harmony

White Dendritic Opal - supports physical as well as spiritual growth, balances chakras, enhance intuition, bringing best self forward 

Rose Quartz - attracting love, self love, fertility, balancing heart chakra energy, warmth and kindness