Orion Bracelet

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  • $133.00

Designer Notes: 
Who said being spiritual meant you couldn't have style? Named after the great constellation and the beauty of the stars, our Orion Bracelet is a stunning strand of white topaz set in solid sterling silver. Taking a tennis bracelet to a cosmic level!

925 Sterling Silver | Sterling Silver with 14k Plating

Natural White Topaz

6.5 Inches in length with a 1.5 inch extender

Energy Notes: 

Energy Notes: 
White topaz is known for its supercharged manifestation abilities. Consider this stone a torch that helps light the way of your ambitions and dreams. A natural aura clearer and a booster of confidence. It keeps your karma on it's toes, you'll be far more aware of how and what you do. A constellation must align cosmically in order to see its shape, right? This will help do just that! Be prepared for alignment and super manifestor powers.