Mini Love Series Set

  • $99.00
  • $111.00

Designer Notes: 
Let those gemstones float! Allow us to show you a little love with our mini love series. Your choice between pink amethyst or pink chalcedony. Lovely little danity wrist or neck additions to those layers. 

Sterling silver with a 14K Plating - 15 Iinch chain with a 2 inch extender 

18k gold Plated Hematite Beads 

Energy Notes: 
Since we are all so drawn to stones that support love here are some amazing power house stones that are versatile in what they do! 

Pink Chalcedony supports acts of bother and sisterhood, it will draw out acts of kindness and allow you to come from a space of innocence. This stone most definitely promotes some inner peace and flows some fortification to the heart!

Pink Amethyst has the same serene and power packed feeling as amethyst but there is work that it does on the heart chakra, It is a one of a kind stone for merging the heart and head space together.


retail value: $111