Lapis Palm Stone

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Energy Notes: 

A royal stone, excellent for expanding and protecting psychic abilities. A harmonizer that works to balance all components of the mind, body and spirit. This stone will assist you in the expression of your true emotions. Without a doubt, deeper mental and vocal awareness is a keynote for Lapis. If you're looking for big energy in a little stone then lapis is for you. This stone is known to help the executive, royal or boss energies within a person to come out!

Size: 2-3 inch nugget. 

Please note: as we carry natural crystals only - size, shape and exact colour may vary.

Best Practice: 

Best used to clear the energy of a personal space. Use this crystal during meditation to align and balance your energy. Best place on the body during meditation on the sacral chakra (2 inches below the navel). A must-have for your crystal collection. Excellent to incorporate in meditation, personal healing, or energy practices within the home.