• Father's Day Zen Set

Father's Day Zen Set



Designer Notes: 
Made for the best dad! A unique and exclusive combination of gems that have been coupled with sterling silver and gold filled components to form a lasting set. A pairing of our classic Warrior Wrap bracelet with a unique simple stretch piece! 

Energy Notes: 
Drop and give me zen! Let the howlite and black labradorite bring you inner tranquility and peace. Busy man, busy mind. It has been proven that slowing down the brain waves can induce mental clarity. Use this wrap to assist in neutralizing the chaos of life by calming your energy. A must have for balancing the lower chakras. For the spiritual dad who believes self improvement, this the way to go! 

Crystal: Labradorite - higher wisdom and consciousness 

Stones in Bracelets - garnet, howlite, black labradorite, pyrite, bloodstone and black onyx.