Burmese Jade | Large Tumbled

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Energy Notes: 

Jade is the ultimate stone of 2021. Our long love for Jade has been seen throughout our collection. We are firm believers that everyone in the world at this moment could use a little piece of this goodness. Jade holds the powers of awakening, friendship, lack, wisdom, fortitude and definitely beckons prosperity. Jade is commonly used to protect against illness, it is also a stone we feel connects the two worlds. A dreamer's stone, filled with ancient energy from hundreds of years prior. This stone has been doing great work for a long time! 

1-2 Inches 

Please note: as we carry natural crystals only - size, shape and exact colour may vary.

Best Practice: 

Best used to enhance the energy of personal space (ex. office). Also best used to keep with you in a compartment in your car. A must-have for your crystal collection. Excellent to incorporate in meditation, personal healing, or energy practices.  Leave this one out where people can see it!