Ascension Necklace

Designer Notes: 
Calling all spiritual OG’s! Welcome to our new casually designed ascension chain. This beaded chain is essential for wearing around the neck or wrapping around the arm. The Buddha amulet is used to remind you that as we evolve spiritually we often experience the turbulence of ascending to the place where we need to be! This necklace was designed to be an additional source of protection on your journey.

14 k Gold filled 

28 inch chain 

Energy Notes: 
A combination of divinely masculine stones: malachite, lava stone or tigers eye. Whichever you select that is the stone you require for your highest calling! Remember that this long strand of gems can be used in meditation as well!

Here’s an example of a gemstone meaning:

Malachite is best used in times of heartache and supporting oneself through major journeys - it is powerful and should be prescribed by a crystal healer that is well versed in what it does. It’s ground breaking energy will help you just that, break ground!