Abundance Ring

  • $53.90
  • $77.00

Designer Notes: 
The Abundance ring is a signature pewter cast ring with a generous 18k karat gold or sterling silver plating. The open setting is used to have your gems hand selected. This ring is custom! Four beautiful rose cut cabochon gems will sit around the entire band, made to come in contact with the skin! 

Energy Notes: 
The importance of this design came from the universal laws of numerology. Eight sides of the ring represent the vibration of infinite prosperity. This merges the healing properties of the high quality gems we use with the prosperous design. The ring is design to be your personal creation. The gems are of the highest in quality and we absolutely recommend this as a meditation style ring as well! As you rotate it around your finger, touch each side, say an affirmation ("I am love") and move to the next side.