Natural Jade Buddha

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Designer Notes: 

There is nothing like carrying Buddha with you. The calming and protective energy it provides is superior!
Designed with a longer chain to add to your layered look. You can keep this tucked into your shirt or multilayered to stand out.

Buddha set in 24k gold filled setting.

28 x 19 mm pendant
24k Gold Filled 19.5 Inch Flat Diamond Cut Chain
Natural Jade
Chain width: 2 mm

Our Buddha is being restocked in a refined setting! Now available in our traditional medium or green jade! Preorder available. Will be shipped in 10-14 business days. 

Energy Notes:
It is in the best and worst of times that Buddha's energy can support you. The energy of this pendant is tranquil and wise.
The natural jade stone is said to bring wisdom, friendship, luck and fortune to the wearer. It also protects against illness and helps filter fluids in the body.
It is a highly protective stone with fantastic creative and peaceful qualities. Why would you leave the house without it?